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Wouldn’t it be enjoyable to have a forum for open and honest and confidential conversation? You’re invited to attend a women’s roundtable discussion. Join these 2 professional women and others in discussing the challenges of today’s woman whether it involves handling your finances, looking for personal growth, caring for children or aging parents, thinking about a career change, losing weight, challenges of going through a divorce or any other number of topics we can discuss. Each professional will share their expertise and also their experiences on their journey in life.

Please join us from 7:00 to 8:30 pm on Thursday October 4, 2012

Trilutions Real Estate

1960 Route 70 East

Cherry Hill NJ 08003







Roseann Vanella - Advanced Mediation Solutions

Roseann Vanella

Roseann Vanella is a Professional Mediator and Founder of Advanced Mediation Solutions. She is passionate about helping families come to resolutions in a healthy, respectful and confident manner. A compassionate and skilled facilitator, she utilizes her skills and experiences after working for 20 years for a Global Fortune 100 Company. She mediates family matters which include, Divorce, Post Divorce, ElderIssues, Parenting/Grandparenting & Blended Family Plans, Prenups and Estate Settlements, offering creative solutions and concepts in a supportive objective manner. Roseann and her team pride themselves on offering mediation services that focus on helping families transition to the future in contrast to the legal process which often deals with past events leaving families emotionally and financially depleted.



Dr. Vicki Handfield

Dr. Vicki Handfield is a Health and Wellness Coach who has been in private practice as a licensed clinical psychologist since 1982. During that time she has been able to help thousands of people overcome many life issues. Currently her focus is GET HEALTHY, GET HAPPY, a 6-step program designed to help people achieve or regain healthy habits. These include: Exercise, Time Management, “Me”-Time, Weight Loss, Healthy Eating, Spending Control, Saying No and Better Sleep Habits. We all know the things we could do to achieve self-improvement! Doing things more effectively is the issue and this is her specialty.


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