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As an NJ & PA Divorce Mediator, part of my job is staying current on all news as it relates to divorce and all types of Family Mediation.  I try to give my audience and clients useful and pertinent information to educate them on the process. Just yesterday, I was reading this article in the Huffington Post.  Of course as I was reading the article the only question that kept running through my mind was “Why would anyone who didn’t have to go through the litigation process, not choose to mediate”?  The only time couples can not go through the mediation process is if there is a history of abuse, an order of protection or if their is an imbalance of power or something which prevents one party from being able to make decisions.

Clearly, even attorney’s know that litigating and going through the courts is a losing proposition and waste of money.  The general public views attorneys as having additional discretionary income, and even they would rather not  waste their precious earned dollars in a divorce. Why would anyone else?

It won’t be long until litigated divorces will be a dinosaur of the past.  With the advancement of technology and the increasing awareness of  the general public, mediation will soon become a common, everyday, household word.  Help educate and pass along this information to everyone you know!

Click on the below image to read this article in it’s entirety.  You won’t be sorry you did!

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  • Divorce Attorney NJ says:

    Wow. Nice topic to discuss. Well, it is a great irony when a divorce lawyer cannot even solve his own cases of divorce for himself.

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