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Often times when someone mentions divorce, the first thing we think about is the “legal issue” of the process. In reality, that is such a small part of what divorce actually is. It is a life changing event that not only affects two people, it affects everyone including their families, friends and anyone they are in contact with. There are so many emotions and feelings that come along with it and if attorney’s are involved they often don’t address this important piece to the puzzle.

Mark B. Baer, Family Law Attorney/Mediator/Collaborative Law Practitioner/Author/Lecturer/Keynote Speaker at Mark B. Baer, Inc., a Professional Law Corporation in Pasadena, CA takes a very different approach when practicing family law. He will offer his insights and experience on some erroneous assumptions made by some law professionals. Mark’s writing is often featured in the Huffington Post, Law Journals and Psychology publications. He is a true expert and will offer much information.


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