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Of course the answer is YES!!! Recently I was interviewed by Girlfriendz Magazine and this was the title of the article.  Divorces do not have to be intimidating especially when a couple comes to Mediation.  Intimidation occurs when one party has the feeling that the other party has “one up” on them. Meaning that one party is holding onto knowledge that the other one doesn’t have.  The entire premise behind Mediation is that couples are coming together in a neutral environment with a neutral third party facilitator ( The Mediator) to assist them in coming to agreement on the terms of their divorce. Information is disclosed by all parties so everyone is on an equal playing field thus eliminating that feeling of intimidation.

A very important piece of advice to anyone getting divorced would be to become educated as much as possible on all matters that you may feel you don’t know enough about.  As with anything in life you have to be prepared. Go back to the day of your wedding, most of us prepared at least a year in advance of the actual wedding date.  We had to make sure everything was in order, the location, the food, the dress, the flowers, the music, the guest list and on and on. In the interim if we didn’t have enough information we took the time to research so we were prepared and making the absolute best and informed decision we could. So, why would we not treat the divorce the same and be as prepared as possible?

Please click here to read the entire article from Girlfriendz Magazine and please weigh in and give us your thoughts and experiences?

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