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You’ve made the decision to divorce, so why not check into a hotel on Friday and by Sunday you can be on your way to being divorced with divorce papers in hand. If you live in the Netherlands, you can do just that… your stay for a “Weekend Divorce Package.” “The Package,” which can cost anywhere from $2500 to $10,000 comes with a Mediator, Psychologist, Lawyer and of course luxury accommodations. This is what the Dutch refer to as a quick and cost effective way of divorcing.

As a forward thinking, creative and experienced Professional NJ & PA Divorce Mediator, I really had to sit back and scratch my head after reading about this. As amicable as some couples have been during our divorce mediations, I can’t imagine a couple going through a 72 hour Mediation process. Divorce is an emotional process and one that requires much thought and consideration especially when children are involved. I don’t think it’s a process that should be rushed into a short weekend where decisions are being made when you are at a point of mental or emotional exhaustion.

When couples want or need information from experts that are not present in a Mediation session, they may seek, and I often suggest that they engage an accountant, a therapist, or legal counsel of their choice. If the couple needs a professional recommendation, I can assist them with that. Many different scenarios arise during the Mediation process that couples never thought about or considered. Divorce is certainly not a process to be hastily rushed into or through. Mediation offers a thoughtful process that does save time, money and puts the couple in control of the outcome as opposed to the litigation process where retainers are required for each party and the lawyers encourage all communication to cease.

The Divorce Hotel may be an alternative solution for couples who have been married a short time, there are children involved or limited assets to allocate. Since this is a totally new concept it will be interesting to see how many couples would actually be interested in this type of divorce.

What are your feelings about it? Could you see yourself or anyone else you know checking into the Divorce Hotel, should you decide to divorce?

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