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Last month I joined in hosting an educational free divorce course at the Cherry Hill Library in Cherry Hill, NJ. Being an NJ and PA Divorce Mediator, I had thought that I had a pretty good understanding on the knowledge that the general public has on the divorce process……….boy was I wrong!!  In hosting the divorce seminar I came to understand that many people are not truly educated in all aspects of divorce and the different resources available to help them through a divorce.  We had a huge turn out and realized that people really do want to become educated.  Only when you are educated can you make the right decisions for you and your family.  At this course no matter if you are just beginning to contemplate getting divorced or are in the middle of divorce, there is valuable information to learn from top professionals in their field.

January is a busy month for we Divorce Mediators.  People often ask me if the holidays make people get divorced. My answer is that it is not the actual holidays that end marriages but if you are in an unhappy marriage and are contemplating divorce,  holiday times are usually a confirmation that you are in a relationship where you really shouldn’t be. Of course also as an NJ and PA Divorce Mediator I always encourage people to go through mediation for a divorce so that you can be in control of all of the decisions made in regards to your divorce which in essence will affect your life and your families life for many years to come.

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The Complete Divorce Course

January 12, 2012 at 7:00 PM – 9:00 PM

The Cherry Hill Public Library, Cherry Hill, NJ

Complimentary Educational Seminar-NO FEE

No need to RSVP as we understand this matter is of a personal nature.

Roseann Vanella – Professional Mediator – Mediation – Contemporary and Cost Effective Approach to Divorce.

Lynda L. Hinkle, L.L.C. – The legal divorce process from beginning to end

Dr. Michael Plumeri – Clinical Psychologist – Divorce an Emotional Experience

Eric Kodish – Certified Public Accountant – The 411 on Your Finances

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