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Why Work with Advanced Mediation Services?

Jason Ronca

I was certain we were heading to trial. Some how Roseann got it done. Highly recommend her.

Kelly Madjeski

My experience with Advanced Mediation was great. We worked with Roseann and she made the process so much easier. I would highly recommend using her!!

Fuzz Crisis II

Roseann was very professional and patient with us during our mediation process. She had noticed many things that we hadn’t even considered, and helped us come to an agreement in an amicable way. Roseann is a pure delight and I would recommend her to anyone! -Cris

Sarah Connell

Roseann was great to work with and we would highly recommend Advanced Mediation Services. We utilized her services to assist in drafting a prenup agreement during COVID and held all of our sessions virtually. Roseann helped us to consider all of the nuances we might not have otherwise thought of and made sure that my fiancé and I both felt heard and mutually agreed upon the details included in the document. While it is an uncomfortable topic, planning for a divorce when you’re not even married, Roseann made us feel comfortable and was even able to bring some humor into our sessions to help us relax talking about something so potentially contentious. Thank you Roseann for your help!


I would highly recommend Advanced Mediation Solutions and Roseann. She is knowledgeable, fair, resourceful, and experienced in the challenging nuances of mediation for many different types of disputes. I especially appreciated her flexibility and exceptional safety precautions she had in place during the COVID pandemic. Her ability to help you feel comfortable can make difficult situations much more manageable. Thank you Roseann!

Shannon Doherty

Roseann helped us through a difficult time with professionalism and understanding. There were periods I didn’t believe we’d be able to mediate our divorce but she helped us by bringing suggestions and ideas we would’ve never considered. With a young child involved it’s important to try and work through things as amicably as possible and thank her for allowing us the ability to do that.

Mark Ross

“Roseann was wonderful handling our divorce mediation. Her professionalism, and friendliness were impeccable. Highly suggest her for any mediation”

Debra Stueber

“Carmela DeNicola mediated our divorce agreement in a very compassionate, respectful, professional manner. This was an extremely painful time for us but she created an environment in which we felt safe and confident in the decisions we were making. Thank you, Carmela!”

Diana Schimmel, Esquire

Martine, Katz Scanlon & Schimmel, P.A.

As a family law attorney, I have worked with Roseann on many shared cases. She has a superior understanding of the complexities with which families going through divorce deal with and handles clients/families with a human touch. She works with great attention to detail making the transition from mediation to legal finalization of the divorce seamless. Highly recommend!

Jeffrey Morrow ( Maple Shade )

“Roseann receives high marks. During a difficult process, she provides a calming force. I was impressed with her objectiveness and her ability to educate both sides of their options. She was direct, through, and efficient. I truly appreciate how she helped guide us along. Money well spent!”

Michelle McCauley

“I would like to thank Rosann for her compassion and kindness during a very difficult time. She has patience and empathy, something needed for divorce mediation. Her knowledge helped a difficult situation find a quick resolution.”

Natalia W.

“I would recommend Roseann and Advanced Mediation Solutions to anyone who is considering divorce mediation. Roseann is not only very knowledgeable about her practice area, but also has the perfect skill set to work through unusual or unexpected issues, making the process much smoother, avoiding unnecessary delays and bringing everyone involved on board through her kind, but very pragmatic approach. In the end, Roseann will help both parties part ways feeling that they have been listened to and treated fairly, with all questions and concerns answered and addressed.”

Lil Diesel Designs

“We came to Carmela with some internal differences in our business and she helped us navigate through the emotions and communications to be able to come together to create a mutually agreed upon Memorandum of Understanding.. We left there feeling happy and equal as business partners.. Her Mediation was exactly what we needed! Highly recommend her!”


“Throughout an extremely difficult time, Roseann Vanella’s professionalism and knowledge were helpful beyond words. She was both flexible and understanding when situations were less than ideal and last minute changes needed to occur.  Roseann understands the importance of all parties being involved in life changing decisions and will work through challenging circumstances. I would highly recommend Roseann at Advanced Mediation Solutions.”


“My lawyer recommended Advanced Mediation Solutions vs. the tradition lawyer services for my divorce. Roseann was fantastic. She is friendly, knowledgeable, efficient, flexible, honest, unbiased, and well organized. She provided a calming environment, but she gets results; we were able to amicably complete the process in a couple of sessions. I highly recommend Advanced Mediation Solutions! Thank you, Roseann.”

Jenn R.

“I highly recommend Roseann Vanella of Advanced Mediation Solutions. Roseann made tense situations less stressful with her warmth, compassion and professionalism.  She proved to be extremely knowledgeable and resourceful throughout the entire process. Going through a divorce is emotional, but Roseann made it very easy for us to work through all the details.  I am very thankful for her services and would recommend her to friends and family.”

Mark Gerwald

“I can truly say Roseann Vanella is an All-Star at Mediation. My wife and I were just divorced this year but we had too much at stake, two homes, pensions, salaries and other assets and we didn’t want to go to the lawyers. Upon a recommendation, we decided to give Roseann a try. She clicked with us right away! We had periodic visits this summer and she handled everything efficiently, swiftly, and above all, amicably. Roseann is the consummate professional in her trade, perceptive, adaptive to different situations, compassionate, resourceful and also delightfully fun. She saved us the time, the money, the anxiety and torture of going through our lawyers. I would give Advanced Mediation and Roseann Vanella a recommendation to any friends, family, and anyone in need of divorce or mediation services all of the time – and have.”

Louis Guzzo,Esq.-Haddonfield, NJ

“I highly recommend Roseann Vanella of Advanced Mediation Solutions.  Roseann is highly intelligent, motivated and personable. She approaches mediation in a pragmatic fashion with the goal of resolving matters in a timely sensible manner. As a mediator Roseann has the ability to reach each party and find common ground to resolve even the most litigious matters which is important to me since I regularly refer her high conflict divorce matters. I have referred dozens of clients to Roseann and each one has sung her praises.  I hold Roseann in the highest regard and urge you to utilize the services of Advanced Mediation Solutions.”

AT & CD-Blackwood, NJ.

“I would definitely recommend Roseann, she is kind, and resourceful in a time that is very much needed. Mediation was the best option for us and our daughter. Roseann made the process a little less difficult to manage and a lot less stressful. Thank you for all your help and guidance!”

N.L.-Burlington County, NJ

“My ex-husband and I had mediation with you at the end of this past spring. Well, today our divorce was finalized and I just wanted to thank you for everything you did for us. During mediation, you really put everything in to perspective and that meant so much to me! It was very easy to get wrapped up in the “get him for everything he’s got” state of mind with my lawyer and to allow her to continue to drag the process out, when, in fact,  I knew what we wanted all along but needed someone to break it down for us and help us sort our ideas. You did just that and such an amazing job. We were able to quickly get to the root of all of our issues and make a plan. You made everything very easy for us both and we are very thankful for your services.”

Maya-Philadelphia, PA.

“Even the most amicable of separations can still benefit from a mediator. We decided to use the services of Roseann at Advanced Mediation Solutions and were not disappointed. She guided us through the few issues that had been concerns of ours and brought up some topics that we had not even considered. I would definitely recommend Roseann to anyone.”

K. Parker-New Jersey

“Like most people, I never imagined I would end up divorced when my husband and I married almost 19 years ago. The decision to divorce was not easy to make, mostly because I was afraid of a difficult, expensive and contentious process. Once I pushed past my fears and made the decision, I really was at a loss for what to do next. I am so grateful for the referral I received regarding your services. You really are AWESOME. You brought dignity and compassion to our mediation process, while never compromising professionalism. Quite frankly…divorce shouldn’t be this easy. I appreciate how you helped us maneauver through the divorce process. I appreciate how personable you were/are. Most of all, I appreciate you.”

God bless you,

K. Swanson -New Jersey

“I never heard of Mediation. You want to cover everything involved in a divorce? Mediation. You want to save money? Mediation.  You want to resolve matters in a timely friendly atmosphere? Mediation. You have questions? Mediation. You want a neutral party helping you both? Mediation.

Thank you, Roseann!”

Whitney F.-Philadelphia, PA.

“I was very nervous walking into our first meeting with Roseann. A warm smile and cup of coffee made me instantly feel at ease. Roseann knew how to allow us to take the lead in discussions, while always calmly keeping even the most heated conversation under control. She was very thorough, knowledgable and professional. I would recommend her to anyone wanting to come to the best possible solution from a difficult situation.”

Connie Correia-New Jersey

“Working with Roseann was the highlight of my divorce process. Extremely professional and knowledgeable, she also has a warmth of spirit that made me feel like I was in good and genuinely caring hands. My ex-husband and I had such complicated issues to work out – we own a business together, had a bird nest custody arrangement, and could not sell our real estate — that even starting the divorce seemed overwhelming to me. But Roseann took us step by step through the process, allowing my ex and I to voice our concerns and work through them. She was also incredibly thorough and helped us plan well into the future for our children and ourselves. I believe if we had each gone to a lawyer the divorce would have gotten ugly and very expensive and we would not have complete parenting and financial plan that we have now. I definitely recommend Advanced Mediation Solutions to anyone who wants to walk away from divorce knowing that you have protected yourself without alienating your ex spouse.”

Bill F.-New Jersey

“I never heard of Mediation. You want to cover everything involved in a divorce? Mediation. You want to save money? Mediation.  You want to resolve matters in a timely friendly atmosphere? Mediation. You have questions? Mediation. You want a neutral party helping you both? Mediation.

Thank you, Roseann!”

“My ex and I entered into Roseann’s mediation services with a very complex and intertwined marriage that included children, business and properties. What could have been a very difficult, long and drawn out affair was actually a smooth and stress free environemnt thanks to Roaseann and her care, concern and professionalism. We would recommend anyone in our same situation to employ her services.”

Nancy-Long Island, New York

“Roseann Vanella assisted myself and my husband through a painful time. I am so glad I asked Roseann to mediate for us. Her professionalism, integrity and compassion helped us through the process smoothly. As we both live in New York, our mediation was handled “virtually”. Roseann was always willing to set up a conference call/Skype if needed. Even though we handled the process off site, the progress was not impeded and both of us (my husband and I) felt there was no detraction from the process. Roseann was able to recommend a lawyer in our area to finalize the agreement. I would recommend Advanced Mediation Solutions no matter where you are located, there is no breakdown in service due to Roseann’s tireless efforts and support.  The service is top notch, flexible, reliable and supportive.”

Jaime-Philadelphia, Pa

“Roseann was very professional and extremely knowledgeable throughout the entire divorce mediation process.  She was empathetic to the emotional aspect of going through a divorce and thorough in handling every little detail.”

M & S


We very much appreciate all of your help with this. You have made this very difficult process manageable and kept it very positive.”

“No doubt they will each move on from this experience without the bitterness many couples experience after divorce and they will continue to be wonderful parents to their two small children. How wonderful for all of them. It was a pleasure to help them through a difficult time.“



I wanted to thank you for all you have done to make a difficult time in my life smoother. Divorce is never easy but having you there to keep the process calm was so important. Being able to keep us focused on what is best for our children was wonderful. Also the knowledge you have to share is invaluable at such a confusing time. I do not wish anyone to have to go through a divorce, however, if their lifepath has come to that road I hope they find you at the end.”

Lisa M-Mt.Laurel, NJ


I just wanted to say THANK YOU for helping us to mediate our divorce. You had so many great, impartial, and creative ideas that really made both of us happy with the compromises and outcome. Your lovely and energetic demeanor really kept the process as smooth and comfortable as possible. Your background and love of family really shine and keep the focus where it needs to be. With your invaluable help, we were able to “design” our divorce to be what was best for us as individuals and most importantly, our children. Thank you again! I will wholeheartedly recommend your service to anyone in need!”



I would like to truly thank you for all your hard work and effort in helping us through this difficult time. You were so organized and knew how to direct us for any question that come up. It helped me relax. Your open minded approach worked wonders in helping us see what is best in our situation. I also could see how your past experience in mediation helped on a personal level as well. I knew that this was the best choice to make in having you talk through all the issues we came across. It was far more relaxing and comfortable than I would have thought. I will spread the word on how great you were!!”

Thank you so much….