At Advanced Mediation Solutions, we have extensive experience with divorce mediation, separation mediation, post-divorce mediation, and related family issues. We have in-depth knowledge of even the most complex issues that may arise during a separation. We routinely handle complicated matters such as parenting plans, family-owned businesses, children with special needs, division of complex assets, tax implications, and many others. This gives our clients the assurance that they will receive the skilled guidance they need all under one roof

Getting a divorce is a major step, and one that should not be taken lightly. For couples who are thinking about divorcing but are not totally sure, separation may be a good interim step. Although states like New Jersey do not have a formal status called “legal separation”, it is still a good idea to execute a separation agreement with your spouse. One of the best ways to negotiate this type of agreement is through separation mediation.

When Does it Make Sense to Mediate a Separation Agreement?

Many couples consider separation to be a temporary arrangement, and one that does not require a formal agreement. This could be a big mistake, however, even if this is a trial separation. Whatever direction you are leaning (e.g., divorce, permanent separation, reconciliation), you still have marital obligations to attend to.

If you and your spouse have very few marital assets or debts, no children, and a mutual understanding that living apart for a while is the best course of action, then you may be able to get by without a separation agreement. However, if you have children, a house you own jointly, joint bank accounts, etc., then things can get complicated very quickly.

Mediation allows couples to address and resolve the important issues pertaining to the separation. With separation mediation, a neutral, third-party mediator facilitates a discussion between the spouses toward reaching a mutually agreeable solution. When the mediation sessions are completed, the spouses have the assurance that they are on the same page, and that the agreement is in writing and approved by the court.

Separation Mediation

from a Distance

For couples who have already separated, it may be difficult to meet at a physical location for mediation. This is often an issue for military families or if one spouse travels a lot for business, has relocated to another area, or is just uncomfortable meeting the other spouse face-to-face. In this type of situation, virtual mediation may be a good option. With virtual separation mediation, sessions can be conducted remotely by phone, Skype, or a similar connection. As long as both spouses have access to a stable phone and/or high-speed internet connection, they can participate in virtual mediation.

There are times when couples need to take a break from each other to evaluate their marriage and make important decisions about the future.

At AMS, our compassionate, straightforward, and down to earth approach puts clients at ease and allows them to work out a separation agreement that both sides can live with. For further information on our separation mediation services, contact us today at 856.669.7172

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