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Couples who have been contemplating divorce prior to the holiday season and who made a conscious decision to “hold off for the holidays”, are now ringing in the New Year in pursuit of a 2013 divorce.

A new year and a divorce, both represent a fresh beginning and a shot of doing things differently from this moment onward. Divorce can send anyone on an emotional ride. You may feel like you’re heading off into the unknown, and nobody likes to feel lost with no direction. It’s time to get your affairs in order and to begin the process of moving forward, emotionally and financially.

Mediation offers the opportunity for couples to work through the details of their divorce and to ultimately reach an agreement that all parties are satisfied with.  During a divorce mediation, your Professional Family Mediator will help you move through the process and provide you with guidance so that you don’t have to feel lost or not in control.

For divorcing parents, mediation is a chance to design schedules and parenting roles and responsibilities that reflect your unique family. Through divorce mediation, you may preserve a measure of your relationship or begin a new manner of communication as cooperative parents, thereby avoiding the all too common dynamic of placing the children in the middle of adult conflict.

Successful divorce mediation not only saves time and money, but allows the parties to maintain control over the important decisions in their uniquely specific situation, rather than proceeding through the judicial system.

Advanced Mediation Solutions specializes in facilitating agreements for divorcing couples in New Jersey and Pennsylvania.

Roseann Vanella is a Professional Family Mediator with offices located in Cherry Hill, NJ, Ocean City NJ and Philadelphia, PA. She has successfully mediated many divorces and is passionate about helping couples arrive at settlement in a productive manner.  She is also the host of a weekly Blog Talk Radio Show “Family Affairs” and often speaks as a subject matter expertise on Divorce, Elder Issues & Family Mediation.  She may be reached at 856-669-7172 or at

Advanced Mediation Solutions

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