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The Tale of a Happy Child of Divorce

As we are beginning the new year and the number of divorces that  come into my practice increase.  It may be because in the new year people tend to want a fresh start and have been contemplating divorce for quite some time or the stress of the holiday season stresses and already fragile marriage.  Whatever the reasons, I thought this would be a great time to remind all parents out there who are contemplating divorce, that it can be done right for your children.

Most often when we hear from grown children of divorce, we hear nightmare stories about the difficulties that they went through not only as young children of divorce but also the struggles that they continue to live with as adults as a result of how their parents went about their divorce.
The stories may include one parent constantly speaking ill of the other parent or even parents that don’t allow the other parents name mentioned in their homes.  I think you get the picture.

I would like to remind all divorcing parents out there that no matter what the reason is for your divorce, your children do not have to become the wounded soldiers.  Even though you are divorcing they can thrive and even grow and learn from your divorce and how you deal with it.

This story that as originally published on by author Tara Eisenhard of “The D Word, A Child’s View of Divorce”, is her own personal  story. She shares with us the three simple things that she feels her parents did well in their divorce to help her to be a happy child who thrived in two homes.

Read this great story and remember that it is always best to try to mediate your divorce before hiring attorneys to represent you.  You will be happier and so will your kids.

People are often intrigued when I tell them how much I enjoyed growing up with divorced parents. They raise their eyebrows in shock when I talk about my parents’ cooperation and lasting friendship. They lean in to listen when I list all the reasons why I grew up thinking divorce was a good thing.” Read more

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