After a divorce is finalized, life goes on and circumstances often arise that may require modifications to the original divorce agreement/decree. If you used divorce mediation for your marriage dissolution, it is fairly easy to go back for post-divorce mediation to resolve these issues, because the ex-spouses are both familiar and comfortable with the process.

If you went through costly, protracted, and perhaps highly contentious divorce litigation, post-divorce mediation can be a welcome change. Through mediation, both parties agree to resolve their issues in a cooperative rather than combative setting. With the guidance of a certified and skilled mediator, ex-spouses are able to work out almost any post-divorce issues with minimal court involvement.

At Advanced Mediation Solutions, we have extensive experience with all aspects of divorce mediation, and in-depth knowledge of the issues spouses typically have to resolve both during the divorce process and post-divorce.

This includes, but is not limited to:

  • Child Support Modifications
  • Child Custody and Parenting Time Modifications
  • Parent/Child Relocations
  • Issues with Stepparents
  • Complicated Property Sales
  • Issues with Family-Owned Businesses

Post-Divorce Mediation for

Out-of-State Relocations

One of the most common issues that comes up after a divorce is finalized is a parent that decides to relocate out of the area and/or to another state. This could be due to a job offer, remarriage, the need to care for an aging parent, or a number of other reasons. Whether it is the custodial or non-custodial parent that relocates, this situation will almost certainly require a modification of the parenting plan.

One challenge with ex-spouses who live a significant distance from each other is finding a convenient location to conduct post-divorce mediation. AMS makes it easier for everyone with our virtual mediation services. With virtual mediation, sessions can be conducted via conference call, Skype, or a similar technology. Wherever you are in the world, if you can find a stable high-speed internet connection, you can participate in virtual post-divorce mediation.

Are You Still in Business

with Your Ex-Spouse?

Divorcing couples who are also business partners often decide that it is in their best interests to continue owning and operating their business together. If you and your ex-spouse chose to go this route, you may want to consider post-divorce mediation to work out an operating agreement for your business. Chances are you never set up a formal agreement when you were married, but now that you are no longer personally involved, it may be time to create guidelines, in writing, governing your business partnership.On the other end of the extreme, you and your ex may have tried to remain business partners but found out over time that it was not a good idea. If this situation describes you, post-divorce mediation may be helpful to lay out the terms and conditions of a business separation. For example, will one of you be buying the other one out? Will you be selling the business to an outside party? Will you be dissolving the partnership and liquidating any outstanding assets?

Whatever issues you need to resolve after your divorce is finalized, we are here to help. With our decades of business and financial experience and expertise, we can help ensure that your post-divorce issues are fully addressed, so you can enjoy the next chapter in your life. For further information on our post-divorce mediation services, contact us today at 856.669.7172

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