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NJ Lowest Divorce Rate No Match for Costly Divorce Chat!!

Did anyone see the article in the Star Ledger: Census says N.J. has lowest divorce rate?  If you are happily married, then the article provides you with some reassurance if you live in the state of New Jersey.  If instead, you are someone who is contemplating or in the midst of a divorce, your response will be much the same as those who commented on line to the article indicating that divorce is cost prohibitive and couples are unfortunately staying in unhealthy relationships much longer than they would like as a result of legal battles and attorney fees.   It is mind boggling and perplexing to me that in todays times of known alternative solutions, that couples are still pursuing outdated, costly methods of divorce.  Maybe my view is skewed because of my chosen profession but regardless, couples interested in separating and divorce should  consider the following:

The Mediation process saves clients both time and money. Mediation saves between 40-90% of the cost of a litigated divorce (meaning a traditional divorce done through litigation and each party has an attorney represent them). Unlike a litigated divorce, Advanced Mediation Solutions does not require a retainer fee. We simply bill hourly. When couples “lawyer up” they end up paying double. Retainer fees are given to both attorneys as well as paying two attorney hourly fees.

When couples agree to mediate, in essence they have agreed to come together to discuss, negotiate and agree on the terms of their divorce.  Both parties must be in agreement to Mediate. This is not to say that the couples come in to Mediate as “best friends”, there can and often is conflict. The Mediator is a neutral third party who’s goal is to get the parties to come to an agreement that is fair and equitable to both. We gather facts, keep the parties focused and on task and help create options. We are impartial and facilitate informed decision making for all parties.

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