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You would think that a lot has changed with divorce over the past 5 years, but as a society we still generally hold a very archaic view of this life challenge. People feel as ashamed and embarrassed as they did even 20 years ago because divorce has such a negative connotation.

The biggest impact on divorce over the past 5 years is due to the economy. Couples separate but continue to live together because they cannot afford to live apart, and more people are using mediators instead of duking it out and spending their life savings.  Some couples have even chosen to divorce and still continue to live together because of little to no financial resources.

Going to mediation and saving money on legal fees is becoming more popular. Divorce can be extremely expensive, and most mediators can help couples get to a settlement without wasting unnecessary money or time. The court system is currently over burdened, and there is a movement towards preventing cases from going to trial. Many courts mandate mediation before they will hear a case.  Wouldn’t it make sense to initiate a divorce by mediation first?

Mediation also gives the divorcing couple an opportunity to establish guidelines and rules of engagement on topics such as co-habitation and parenting plans.  Courts and the legal system do not take such factors into account.  So in todays environment one would have to ask again why any couple would chose litigation over mediation?


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