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Mediation provides a viable framework for todays “Modern Family”; gay and lesbian couples who are transitioning out of their relationships. The dissolution of any partnership results in a wide variety of issues. This is especially the case with the dissolution of a domestic partnership or cohabitation arrangement. For couples terminating a domestic partnership in New Jersey, the procedure is similar to that for divorce. A variety of issues accompanying these relationships in transition can be resolved through mediation.

These include:

Asset division

Debt division

Property division

Child custody

Child support

Pet custody

The understanding-based model of mediation applies equally to unmarried and same-sex couples who find themselves separating. During mediation, the couple will meet with a mediator who is specifically trained in the skills of resolving conflicts. Mediation is both a viable and valuable tool in high conflict and amicable scenarios. The mediator guides the parties toward settlement by opening the lines of communication — listening carefully to the concerns and ideas of each side and encouraging them to listen to one another with an open mind. This allows disputing parties to clarify their differences, understand each other’s views, look at possible solutions and ultimately reach agreement that all parties are satisfied with. Successful mediation allows the parties to maintain control over the important decisions in their uniquely specific situation while saving time and money by avoiding the judicial system. Mediation is strictly confidential and is not subject to public record.   Mediation is for the “Modern Family”.

For those embarking on a “Modern Family” style relationship, Mediation can assist in establishing a comprehensive cohabitation arrangement (similar to a Prenup) which would provide a framework in the event the couple wishes to transition out of the relationship.




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