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My best advice to anyone planning to get divorced is to have a clear picture of their affairs. Let nothing come as a surprise to you. Know everything there is to know about your financial snapshot, income, assets, debt and so on. Understand that once you decide to separate you will have the expense of maintaining two households instead of one. Have a plan on how you will afford to live and what kind of lifestyle that will be, especially if you have not been the “breadwinner” so to speak. If you have small children you need to be super prepared. Will they now need daycare? You also need to be educated on the duties that your spouse was responsible for because now those responsibilities may become yours. As difficult as it is, they need to set aside the emotions and instead deal with the reality of the situation. The majority of divorces do not need to be down and dirty and ultimately costly. Through Mediation couples can come to agreements on their divorce that will not only be in their best interest but in the best interest of their family. Instead of focusing on the past, we help people build and shape their future.


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