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Julie A. LaVan

Professional Mediator

Julie A. LaVan, Esq. is certified in Professional Mediation from Cornell University, School of Industrial and Labor Relations, with a focus on business and employment mediation and arbitration. She has an extensive legal background in business, corporate and employment litigation since 2007. Julie has also served as Partner, Shareholder and General Counsel of several business entities. Given her years of experience, Julie is passionate and well-settled that mediation or arbitration are the best options for resolving disputes.

Julie has spent several years litigating all types of business, corporate and employment matters, including:

Shareholder Disputes
Mergers / Acquisitions
Warranties and Contracts
Discrimination (e.g., age, gender, race, etc.)
Sexual Harassment
Employment Contracts and Agreements
Various Other Types of Contracts and Agreements

Professional Mediator

Further, Julie possesses broad and deep competence in the areas of Commercial Real Estate, Construction, Environmental and Business matters in terms of knowledge, skill and expertise.

Julie has been personally involved as a shareholder and partner in numerous businesses where budgeting and results matter greatly for the entirety of the operation. Also, as an owner of several businesses, Julie understands that resolving employment matters is essential for the business to be able to grow and thrive.

Julie is passionate about mediation, because when a dispute arises, mediating is highly beneficial for both the employer and the employee. Julie has seen and experienced the major damage of litigation, and she knows that mediation can provide a much better outcome for everyone involved. Because of her legal experience, Julie will guide mediation participants toward a settlement that is mutually acceptable and preserves important working relationship while preserving finances and operations.

Mediation allows for an anticipated outcome, preservation of financial resources, and most importantly, maintaining confidence and trust among the parties. This is also true for other types of business disputes, such as collections, contracts, production, and service disputes. By mediating, these inherent business and employment issues can be resolved more efficiently and cost-effectively while keeping confidence and working toward a resolution that is beneficial for all parties.

Julie’s own experience with these matters allows her to assess the process with in-depth knowledge, empathy, compassion and understanding. She works closely with the participants, taking the time to listen and understand their specific needs and concerns, and working to develop more creative and personalized resolutions.

Whatever type of professional mediation you need, Julie has the experience, skills, and dedication to ensure a positive and productive result.

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