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Roseann Vanella from Advanced Mediation Solutions is joined by Madeleine DiLeonardo Licensed Professional, Nationally Certified Counselor and Executive Director at Mind, Body & Soul Therapy & Counseling and in today’s video they discuss if living together post divorce is confusing for the children. When going through a divorce typically there is change in your family’s dynamic and a lot of shifts happening in your home. With everything going on, a clear shift in boundaries is imperative to avoid any confusion for both parents and children alike. In other cases, some couples continue living together due to myriad of circumstances, however in any situation they must agree to work together to implement boundaries and clear changes that the children are made aware of.

It may take some time working through the “new normal” however it is important to be clear with each other and the children to ensure all communication is effective and concise. Couples who establish new boundaries while prioritizing their children’s well-being are setting themselves up for overall success in their post-divorce lives.

In mediation not only do we assist you in finding a creative solution but we also keep everyone’s best interest in mind, especially the children. We have the skills, experience and resources to help all parties explore the best possibilities in a difficult situation. To request your complimentary consultation with us, call us at 856-669-7172 or contact us online.

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