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Divorce, we all know what it is, or do we? Think about all the people you know that have gone through a divorce and then compare what you know about those divorces with the definition of divorce. The definition is simple; divorce is the termination of a marriage or partnership. The reality is that divorces can be very expensive, generally lack communication between the parties involved because each has “lawyered up”, can take years to finalize, and are often emotionally devastating to all family members.

A divorce attorney and partner at a Chicago law firm recently posted the attached article which I found to be interesting and insightful. While he never mentions Mediation or Alternate Dispute Resolution (ADR) in his article, he makes a very compelling case for it. Here is an excerpt from his article, they’re basic questions but they make a great case for sound, non emotional, responsible decision making.

“What do you think a divorcing party would dislike more: the prospect of treating their spouse respectfully or the prospect of throwing money away?”

“Which of these do you suppose a divorcing party would find more distasteful: being pleasant to their soon-to-be ex who does not deserve it or giving money to their soon-to-be ex who does not deserve it?”

“Who would they rather give a new car to: their lawyer’s kid or their own kid? Similarly, whose child would they prefer to put through college?”

“Will a divorcing party that wants blood, still want blood once they realize they will get just as bloody as their spouse?”


To read the entire article Click Here .

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