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A new year is upon us like a journey to unexplored and unfamiliar territory, with smooth stretches, bumps, and turbulence. A new year is a blank slate, a field of new-fallen snow just waiting for you to carve out a snow angel, or piddle it yellow.

There will be events that touch your heart, that make you angry, that make you scratch your head and say, “what was I thinking?” Each new year brings with it new opportunities, new challenges, a new chance to make things right, or to screw them up completely. Don’t spend all your time looking back. If you are always looking over your shoulder, you will never see what lies ahead. The only thing that changes anything is action. Don’t worry about what could happen, make something good happen. Respect everybody. Unless, of course, they don’t respect you. Most of all, respect yourself. Make sure you love that person staring back at you in the mirror every morning. It’s a new year, a new journey, waiting for each of us to grab the golden ring of life’s fulfillment. Happy New Year, Happy 2012!!!

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