Why Work with Advanced Mediation Services?

At Advanced Mediation Services (AMS), we work collaboratively to provide comprehensive solutions customized to fit the needs of our clients. We have extensive experience with divorce, family and elder care issues. We are compassionate and straightforward with a down-to-earth approach our clients appreciate. We have also spent several decades working in the business world, and we have an in-depth understanding of the issues that commonly arise in a corporate setting.

AMS can provide assistance with the most complex matters that may arise during mediation. When needed, our mediator can enlist in-house professionals to handle specific issues that our clients need help with. We provide expert guidance with complicated issues such as business valuations, tax planning, estate planning, and many others.

AMS offers a wide range of mediation services, including:

No one wants conflict. But the good news is, you can choose how to deal with it.

There’s the costly, time-consuming litigation process, which compounds an already stressful situation. Or there’s mediation – always the best option. Advanced Mediation Solutions guides families, couples, and business associates in New Jersey, Pennsylvania, and New York toward constructive agreements that benefit everyone.

Unlike litigation, the process is not intimidating. Mediation is simply a structure that allows the parties to work toward resolving their own issues. We’re in charge of the process, but you’re making the decisions. And you can avoid scary courtrooms: We hold our meetings in a comfortable and informal setting

Virtual Mediation

Removes Location Barriers

Whether you are distant physically, emotionally, or both, we have a solution that allows you to take advantage of mediation in a more comfortable setting. Through virtual mediation, sessions can be conducted remotely via phone, Skype, or a similar technology. This works very well for military families and those who travel a lot, have relocated out of the area, or just don’t want to be in the same room or building with the other party. As long as you have a stable phone or internet connection, you can participate in virtual mediation.

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Mediation has long been an alternative for divorcing couples, but it’s also a growing option in elder-care situations and for business and workplace disputes. In fact, there are many ways that mediation can help people in conflict. Built on a foundation of fairness, mediation is often the bridge from disputes to resolution. At AMS, our extensive background in alternative-dispute resolution, understanding approach, and access to in-house experts puts our clients in the best possible position to obtain good results.

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