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When couples go through a divorce a popular question that comes up, “Now that our family dynamic has changed, what is the best way for our children to celebrate the holiday with both parents”? Is it best to keep tradition, or is it time to create a new one? Roseann Vanella, Professional Mediator and Founder of Advanced Mediation Solutions, explains how she uses her mediation skills to come up with creative strategies while utilizing the tools of divorce mediation to create the best holiday schedule for the family.

She is joined by Madeleine DiLeonardo, Licensed Professional, Nationally Certified Counselor and Executive Director at Mind, Body & Soul Therapy and Counseling and she lends her expertise on how couples should put the children at the forefront of divorce when it comes to celebrating the holidays.

Mediation allows couples to have the decision making power to be able to move on and make the important decisions that will effect not only their lives but the lives of their families.

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