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Whether I am involved in a Divorce Mediation or an Elder Mediation, it is always very important to have connections to other experts in various fields to be able to provide my clients with access to expert supplemental advice when needed.

As the average lifespan has grown, so has the need for family resources in the area of care for their elders. Geriatric Care Managers are a great resource for families and caregivers that require some guidance and expertise on many issues in caring for elders.

Geriatric Care Managers are professionals who have a masters degree in a field related to care management along with experience and a certification in the field. They are able to come in and assess both current and long-term care needs. They will create specialized plans based on an elders unique needs. They can also coordinate and monitor healthcare and supportive services to maintain elder’s independence, safety and quality of life.

Many families who live far from their elders may hire a Geriatric Care Manager to monitor elders and inform the families of their changing needs.

In Elder Mediations we will often depend on Geriatric Care Managers to act as a neutral party in assessing the actual needs of the elders so that the families and caregivers in mediation can make informed, educated decisions when deciding on the care of elders.

Geriatric Care Managers charge an hourly fee which can range from $75-$200 an hour. Most health insurances do not cover this fee but some long term insurance plans do. It is certainly worth the expense to make sure that elder loved ones are getting the best possible care.

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