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Many marriages end because of finance problems.  It’s a known fact that finances are the number one cause of stress in people and of course their marriages and unions.  Different people have different definitions of what money means to them.
It is important to understand this when entering into a committed relationship since spending or saving habits may differ tremendously amongst you and your partner.

Even when couples come to me for divorce, during the mediation process I can clearly see which partner money may bring a huge sense of security too or those that could really care less about how much is in their bank account. Sometimes couples are aware of this from the beginning of their marriage and have made an agreement to keep separate accounts, allowing the other to continue their own personal habits with finances.  Many will decide to combine their finances and go through the struggles of adapting to the other ones habits or spend time and energy trying to change the other.

It’s very important during negotiating and settling divorces to understand what money means to the other person. So as we can see, understanding people’s attitude towards money is very important for so many reasons.  Recently I sat down with Dr. Dan Gottlieb, world renown Psychologist, Author and Radio Host for WHYY/NPR to discuss this matter for

See what Dr. Gottlieb has to say. I promise you that everyone can learn something from this video.  Watch video


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