At Advanced Mediation Solutions (AMS), we have in-depth experience resolving employee disputes. We are trained and certified mediators with several decades of experience in the corporate world. We are honest and straightforward, and our clients appreciate our down-to-earth approach to conflict resolution.

We handle employee disputes for all types of organizations, including but not limited to:

  • Towns, Cities, Counties, and other Municipalities
  • Private and Public Schools and School Districts
  • Private Sector Businesses of All Types and Sizes

We have worked with public and private entities ranging from Fortune 100 organizations all the way down to sole proprietors. We have experience negotiating and resolving even the most complex business arrangements, and we have dealt with most conflicts that may arise in an organizational setting. As neutral mediators, we are knowledgeable, patient, and able to empathize and understand the points of view of all parties involved.

Within the workplace environment, conflicts often arise between employees, or between employees and their employer. Many of conflicts and disputes can be worked out on their own. Some, however, escalate to the point where the parties can no longer work effectively together. When this type of situation goes unresolved, it hampers productivity; and in some cases, it threatens the stability of the organization. Mediation can be an effective and cost-efficient way to resolve employee disputes, because it occurs in a non-adversarial and non-threatening setting that is conducive to conflict resolution.

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In the corporate environment, each circumstance is unique and there is no “one size fits all” approach that effectively resolves all employee disputes. For example, there are times when a conflict has gone on so long, the parties cannot stand to be in the same room together. In such cases, caucusing may be the right approach, because it allows each side to “vent” and give their point of view before sitting down together.

With caucusing, the parties are in separate rooms, and the mediator goes back and forth between them to listen to their concerns and relay them carefully to the other side. This can be very helpful in an employee dispute, because it gives the parties the opportunity to say what is on their minds without offending and/or alienating the other party (or parties). This way, all viewpoints are heard, and the parties are able to participate in an honest and constructive negotiation.

Whatever the starting point, the role of the mediator is to foster an environment where the parties can communicate openly and respectfully while the mediator guides them toward a mutually acceptable and actionable resolution. This may be accomplished in just a couple of sessions, or it may take a few more, depending on the specific circumstances. In each case, our mediators put their extensive experience to work, utilizing time-tested methodologies to keep the conversation constructive and on track.

It is important to understand that, while employee dispute mediation can be an effective method for resolving conflicts between employees and/or between employees and their employer, it should not be used for instances involving violations of the law and/or violations of the organization or entity’s policy. For further information about professional mediation for employee disputes within municipalities, schools, and businesses, contact us today at 856.669.7172 for further information and an initial consultation.

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