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Divorce~The Oscar Curse

With the 2012 Oscars arriving tomorrow, much is in the news about all trivia relating to the Oscars, Divorce is no exception.  It is believed that many actors and actresses have soon gotten divorced soon after receiving an Oscar.  Most recently two actresses that come to mind are Hillary Swank and Sandra Bullock.  Within months of receiving their Oscars these two actresses found themselves in the middle of a very public  divorce. Many have chosen to litigate but also many have chosen to Mediate.  Kim Kardashian is the latest poster child for Mediation.  One of her big reasons she chose to Mediate is that it will not be subject to public record. This may seem odd for a reality star given that she has made the conscious decision in life to have her lives activities publicly revealed on most forums of modern day media.  In the end, everyone prefers that the most intimate details of their divorce be kept confidential and therefore not allow access to the information, even a modern day reality star! Mediation allows couples to come to terms with all aspects of their divorce while going through the divorce process but it will also protect them and their families in the future by keeping the details confidential.  As an NJ & PA Professional Divorce Mediator I believe that this is a very important component in the Mediation process. Here is a little trivia about Oscar Winners & their Divorces provided by the Huffington Post.

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