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I think Tom Cruise & Katie Holmes came to settlement on their divorce in record time, under 2 weeks!! Now here are two actors who obviously are not short on cash. Each one would be able to hire the best attorneys and battle it out for as long as necessary.

Instead, it appears that both Cruise & Holmes were focused on the well being of their daughter Suri. Even though they are going through a difficult period they are being excellent examples of how couples divorcing with children should strive to act. If couples focus on the well being of the children, everything else in the divorce becomes secondary and can quickly be resolved.

So many times couples get hung up on the blame or the intention of hurting the other that the well being of the children get’s lost in the emotions. This ends up not only bad for the children but also bad for the couple involved. Divorce does not have to be detrimental. Of course, nothing can diminish the pain and disappointment of divorce but how you treat it, and what actions you decide to take will effect you and your family for the rest of their lives.

Divorce Mediation is an excellent alternative to litigation. It provides a faster approach to litigation and definitely will not leave you and your family emotionally and financially depleted.

Whether you personally like Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes or not, by them taking the high road and not looking to drag each other through the proverbial mud, they are sparing their daughter and themselves from much emotional and financial pain.

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  • Roxy says:

    Divorce is a difficult process especially for the children who will also experience the burdens that it may bring but for parents like Tom and Kate, there will be no better way to use their connections and money than to make sure that their daughter will be spared from the ill-effects of divorce.

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