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In my last blog, I shared some very concerning statistics regarding the divorce rate in our country.   In New Jersey and Pennsylvania, an anticipated 25,000 to 30,000 divorces will take place this year alone.  Unfortunate and concerning statistics, but even more alarming is what the research shows the impact of those divorces will have on the children that are caught in the cross fire of the “blame game”. Here is a exerpt from an article in USA Today that I hope will help couples come to the realization that transitioning the children with a well thought out “Parenting Plan” is paramount to healthier, happier and more well adjusted children.

“Young children of divorce are not only more likely to suffer from anxiety, loneliness, low self-esteem and sadness, they experience long-lasting setbacks in interpersonal skills and math test scores, new research suggests.”

To see the full article CLICK HERE.

The following is an exerpt from a blog posted by Advanced Mediation Solutions located in Voorhees, NJ on May 20, 2011.

“Children are the most precious “assets” that come from a marriage. But far too often, the children are caught in the cross fire when separation and divorce become a reality. While separation and divorce are difficult for the couple involved, parents can ease children through the transition of divorce and can help themselves at the same time by developing and implementing what we call a “Parenting Plan”. Similar to a prenup prior to marriage, a Parenting Plan can and should be developed once the decision to separate and divorce is made. If at all possible, it is most ideal to have a Parenting Plan prior to telling the children about the imminent divorce. A Parenting Plan simply outlines the roles and responsibilities of each parent and deals with topics such as visitation, after school activities, and other facets of child care that would be pertinent. This gives all parties, but especially the children, a sense of normalcy and an understanding of what the rolls of Mom and Dad will be even though the family unit will change from what it once was.”

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