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Roseann Vanella from Advanced Mediation Solutions is joined by Madeleine DiLeonardo Licensed Professional, Nationally Certified Counselor and Executive Director at Mind, Body & Soul Counseling and in today’s video they discuss when the appropriate age to allow children to have input on their lives and schedules when their parents are divorced. As each couple’s situation is unique, there is no direct answer as to when the time is “right”. That said, therapy is a great tool couples can utilize to work collaboratively with their children to bring them into a safe space where they feel like their opinions are heard and can feel comfortable enough to make important decisions as it pertains to their time and how it is spent.

In mediation not only do we assist you in finding a creative solution but we also keep everyone’s best interest in mind, especially the children. There are so many times parents don’t intend to but unfortunately they narrow their focus on the divorce and their children end up getting stuck in the middle. We have the skills, experience and resources to help all parties explore the best possibilities in a difficult situation. To request your complimentary consultation with us, call us at 856-669-7172 or contact us online.

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