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Child custody is of course a focal point of families going through divorce, but when there are no children involved, the topic of custody of the beloved pet comes to the forefront.

The unconditional love and affection that a pet brings when integrated into the lives of a couple or family is well worth fighting for when divorce enters the picture. This is more common among separating partners without children when four-legged friends take on an increasingly important role in family life. Family pets, usually enter divorce negotiations when property agreements are being discussed, but when no children are involved, the pet scenario becomes increasingly emotional and custody rather than property value becomes the focus. People are reaching a variety of formal agreements such as every other week custody, visitation and of course financial trade offs so they can keep their loving companion.

Being a pet lover myself having two little four legged furry children, I would probably negotiate all in order to maintain custody.  The unconditional love that a pet brings is well worth trading off a few stocks for.

Pet Custody

Pet Custody


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