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Yesterday it was impossible to turn on the TV or look at the internet without hearing about Christie Brinkley’s nasty divorce from Peter Cook. The couple divorced 4 years ago, yes FOUR, with virtually everyone on the planet knowing the details. As an NJ & PA Divorce Mediator this type of news really makes me scratch my head and wonder, is this really about the divorce or some other agenda, as divorce need not be this ugly nor does it serve any healthy purpose.

Brinkley’s ex, Peter Cook, took to the airwaves to sling mud and talk about his side to this ugly story. I could sit here and write about all the things he said, and his claims and reasons for going public with his side, but the truth of the matter is that there are other more productive, healthy, mature, and responsible ways to handle these matters. Now based on their decision to go public, the world and the children know that they are being used as pawns over who pays for what and that careers, publicity and more come before they do.

As an NJ & PA Divorce Mediator, you can imagine that I’ve heard it all. In my opinion there could never be any good reason of bringing this out in the public again except for publicity purposes which is selfish, irresponsible and unkind to their children. It’s obvious that they have no interest in reaching resolution and have put their own agenda ahead of what is best for their children. While the marriage is dissolved, their responsibility as parents is a lifetime commitment and should be honored and fulfilled.


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