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Valentine’s Day is fast approaching and this year according to the National Retail Federation survey, Americans will spend $17.6 billion on wooing loved ones, an increase of 8.5% since last year.

During this same period, the initiation and filing of divorces is up 40% and yet advertising for jewelers, florists, restaurants and card shops, insists that this is a time for romance and gives us the illusion that all couples are insanely “in love”.

For many it’s simply the act of going to the Hallmark store to find that card for that “special someone”. Standing in the aisle, they quickly realize that none of the available cards clearly reflect their true sentiments. It brings to light the awareness that there is something wrong and broken in their marriage or partnership. For others, the forsaken third wheel may come to the forefront as a mistress or boyfriend either through discovered credit card receipts, found text messages or simply the jealousy of the other party.

Whatever the reasons, a divorce may be inevitable and instead of spending thousands upon thousands of dollars on divorcing through a traditional litigated divorce, couples in Southern New Jersey and Lower Bucks County, PA can save between 40-90% of a litigated divorce by Mediating their divorce with Advanced Mediation Solutions.  At Advanced Mediation Solutions we offer a 30 minute complimentary consultation.


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