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Roseann Vanella from Advanced Mediation Solutions is joined by Madeleine DiLeonardo Licensed Professional, Nationally Certified Counselor and Executive Director at Mind, Body & Soul Counseling  and they explore the benefits of therapy and how it is beneficial to anyone at any stage of divorce.

Madeleine and Roseann take our viewer through the different types of counseling for couples. Whether a couple is at an exploratory phase and still unsure what the future of their relationship looks like, to the couples who have decided to move forward with their divorce separation, therapy is there to help you feel supported. While in therapy the couple would develop the communication skills and formulate the tools that they then can apply in their mediation sessions to ensure relationships are maintained and couples can keep their family unit as their #1 priority.

When going through the process of divorce, at many times it is easy to feel alienated, but at Advanced Mediation Solutions we take a holistic approach to ensure everyone feels supported to allow their mediation to go as smooth as possible. We have the skills, experience and resources to help all parties explore the best possibilities in a difficult situation. To request your complimentary consultation with us, call us at 856-669-7172 or contact us online.

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