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Divorce is not simply a legal process between a husband and wife that dissolves a marriage. It is a life altering event that will forever effect not only the two going through the process but everyone in the immediate circles in their lives.  If the two divorcing individuals are parents, their children will be the ones effected the most by the divorce.

Children of DivorceJoin a panel of experts including Advanced Mediation Solutions Founder & President, Professional Mediator Roseann Vanella  as she joins Dr. Dan Gottlieb host of Voices in the Family on WHYY an affiliate of NPR Radio on July 7th at noon for a LIVE one hour show as they discuss Children of Divorce.  The panel of experts will include ( a website providing resources for families in transition for which Roseann is a Co-Founder) Expert Contributors  & Author of The D Word, Divorce Through a Child’s Eyes, Tara Eisenhard & Expert Contributor & Author of Monkey in the Middle, Jontie Hays.

The show will be repeated Sunday July 13th at 6am.  We hope you will join us for this very informative hour.  LISTEN LIVE

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