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As a baby boomer, I grew up in a time when divorce was absolutely not the norm. Women were just entering the workforce and beginning to focus on careers so they were financially still dependent on their husbands. The cultural mindset for many unhappy couples was to “stay together for the sake of the children”. Today with stay at home dads, career-minded women, and the dual income family the idea of being trapped in an unhappy relationship or marriage for any reason is not as necessary for today’s couples.

The decision to divorce can be one of the most painful and life changing experiences for the couple and for the children no matter what the underlying reasons might be. Couples are no longer willing to invest any more of life’s precious remaining time, being unhappy or unfulfilled and that is what has brought them to the crossroads of divorce. And while there are a myriad of emotions that are experienced with divorce, many couples see it as a progression of life and an opportunity to find that “Silver Lining.”

Divorce statistics have been on the rise for as far back as I can remember and that trend isn’t likely to change any time soon. The distressed economy, the increase in unemployment and the depressed housing market are some of the more obvious current events that are a reality in many couple’s lives that erodes the bond of their union. Amidst the economic turmoil, couples are finding more economical means to divorce – such as mediation. How couples handle their divorce and go about it will have a tremendous impact of their future. It is not merely enough to slough one’s way through eliminating the painful areas, but rather to heal them and find peace in its absence. In order to find that “Silver Lining” and let that lining shine through all aspects of life, a divorce can be managed and handled with intentionality so that it is a stepping off point to move forward in your “new” future.

In the attached article, the author does a great job of outlining 6 key principles needed while going through a divorce which will lead to a brighter future not only for you, but for your entire family. Most of these principles are principles that we Mediators strongly believe in and look to share with our clients. We empower clients to have the Courage to come to a neutral third party to work out their private issues, doing this can lead to Self Reflection which will lead to self growth. We also advocate Wisdom in that all parties share in the Wisdom. All information is disclosed and each party can speak for themselves and their interests. We always try to maintain a high level of Integrity and Maturity so that clients will focus on what is best for their Future and the future of their children. I’ve attached this article for some sound information and thought provoking reflection.

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