Our mediation services provide an alternative to traditional litigation that is far less costly both financially and emotionally. Through mediation, parties are able to resolve their issues amicably and in a fraction of the time it usually takes to bring your matter to court.

At AMS, we have extensive experience in divorce and family matters, business and workplace issues, elder care situations, and estate planning. We are skilled, compassionate, personable, and down to earth. We are passionate about what we do, putting our experience to work to help clients resolve complex and challenging issues in a way that benefits all parties involved. When needed, we are able to enlist in-house professionals to provide expert guidance with highly specialized financial matters that may come up during the mediation process.

At Advanced Mediation Solutions (AMS)

we believe that it is always better to resolve disputes and negotiate agreements in a cooperative rather than combative setting.

About us

AMS provides a wide range of mediation services. Some of our primary areas of specialty include:

Divorce and

Family Mediation

Mediation saves time and money for divorcing couples. This process also allows couples to settle their differences in an informal, relaxed, and friendly setting. This is especially important when there are children involved and preserving family relationships is a top priority. Our family and divorce mediator, Roseann Vanella, has been through a divorce of her own and benefited from the mediation process. Roseann is also co-founder of FamilyAffaires.com, an ever-growing online publication and community dedicated to providing education and support for those facing divorce, elder care issues, and other family struggles. Roseann brings a unique perspective with the ability to develop innovative solutions to address the specific needs of her clients.

High Net Worth

Divorce Mediation

AMS has helped numerous couples with complicated financial issues develop win-win solutions that are beneficial to both sides. We work collaboratively to provide the skilled financial guidance couples with significant assets often require. We assist couples with even the most complex financial matters, including but not limited to:

  • Business ownership and value calculations
  • Business arrangements such as deferred compensation, stock options and partnerships
  • Real estate holdings including business, residential, vacation or otherwise
  • Complicated investments such as bonds, stocks, trusts, and international investments
  • Retirement assets including pensions, 401Ks, IRAs, and other retirement plans
  • Unique assets such as art collections, jewelry, and classic cars
  • Tax planning to minimize tax liability after the divorce is finalized
  • Specialized guidance for franchise owners and investors

Our high net worth divorce mediation services can save you untold amounts of time, money and energy while ensuring a smooth and seamless divorce process from start to finish.

Business and

Workplace Mediation

Disputes among business partners and in the workplace can be just as contentious (or worse) than those that occur during a divorce. At AMS, we have several decades of experience working with companies ranging in size from Fortune 100 organizations to sole proprietorships. We have seen virtually every issue that may arise in a corporate setting, and we have specialized and excelled in negotiating complex business contracts. We provide business and workplace mediation services covering areas such as partnership disputes, employee disputes, negotiating operating agreements, and much more.

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