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The decision to end your marriage is never an easy one to make. According to relationship experts, when you are considering divorce, it’s salient to objectively assess your own inner challenges, and not merely focus on what you think is wrong with your soon-to-be-ex spouse.

Once you are able to form a balanced view, it will help minimize the conflict, and divorce can be addressed in a collaborative setting with the help of an experienced mediator, rather than going through a painful, prolonged, and costly process of litigation.

Signs it may be Time to Seek a Divorce

The Marriage is Causing Persistent Stress

If you feel that your marriage is becoming increasingly stressful, and is affecting your mental and physical health, social relationships, and work performance, it is time to seriously consider your options. Seasoned divorce mediators say that endless and excessive marital strain often begins to harm both spouses, and if children are involved, they too suffer the consequences. If there seems to be no way out of this situation, it may be a strong enough reason to consider a split.

No Intimacy is left in the Marital Relationship

Many marriages go through phases when the intimacy is lacking between the partners, but when circumstances change, couples often rediscover their love or attachment for each other. In relation to this, divorce mediation experts say that if you are unable to (or are unwilling to) restore an intimate relationship with your spouse it will start getting harder to make the marriage work. Intimacy is not just about sex, but if there is no spark or excitement left in the relationship, it’s generally not a good sign.

Your Life Goals are Completely Divergent

From choosing the state or city where you wish to live to having children to making financial choices, if you and your spouse are unable to find common ground of major life decisions, it may get increasingly difficult to make the relationship work. In the experience of seasoned divorce mediators, things such as having or not having children can sometimes be a real deal-breaker. They recommend that both spouses should re-evaluate their respective non-negotiables and if neither is willing to make any concessions, the marriage may no longer be fulfilling for either of them.

Respect is Lacking from One or Both Sides

Mutual respect, trust, and understanding constitute the foundation of a strong marriage. If one or both spouses have a complete disregard for each other’s feelings, or one partner is frequently disrespecting the other, it could become a reason for divorce over time. In the view of divorce mediation experts that have handled successful mediation in these types of cases, contempt toward your partner is usually a symptom of a deep disapproval or long-standing resentment that eventually signals the end of marriage.

One Spouse is Doing all the Heavy Lifting in Marriage

If one spouse in the marriage refuses to have any share in the physical, mental, and emotional labor that a marital relationship demands, while the other spouse keeps going out of the way to make things work, the marriage may eventually fall apart. Leading divorce mediators are near-unanimous in their opinion that marriage thrives only when both sides are willing to do their part. If one partner reveals narcissistic traits, while the other bears the entire burden for the sake of the family, it’s usually a salient reason to abandon the marriage.

Thinking of Getting a Divorce? Consult with a Highly Rated Divorce Mediator Today

If divorce is the only option left for you, it is best to end the marriage in a cooperative, less formal setting where you and your spouse are in control of the decisions. With dedicated support from skilled mediators at Advanced Mediation Solutions, you can address all differences with your spouse and reach a satisfactory divorce settlement without going through the pain and expense of litigation. To learn how we can help you make that happen, call us at 856-669-7172 or contact us online.

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