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It may come as no surprise that the COVID-19 pandemic has shown us an increase in divorce rates since it began. It’s important that couples take care of their emotional wellbeing at this time by prioritizing what’s best for their families. It’s likely that either you or your ex-spouse will eventually reside elsewhere, oftentimes looking to preserve a family unit, or just searching for a fresh start. Here are some tips to find what works best for your circumstances and what will make your transition to a new home even easier.

Set a Reasonable Timeline

Depending on how you and your ex choose to handle things, immediately buying a new home or moving long-distance might come with their own consequences. Spouses may find themselves inconvenienced by location and timing, and child custody could become a problem for either parent. Mediation would allow both you and your ex-partner the freedom to collaborate on what’s best for your circumstances in a low-pressure environment. Nevertheless, it might be best to purchase something as significant as a home after all matters are settled.

Some states have “separate and apart” laws which would require you and your ex-spouse to live apart for a certain period of time before finalizing your divorce. With that, it’s important you both consult with a professional mediator in order for your separation to be handled as efficiently as possible. Eliminating extra stress factors during the divorce process can smooth out the transition for you and your family.

Create a Tri-Tier Budget

With finances playing a key role in divorce, it’s necessary that you make extra preparations when looking to move into your own home. Creating a tri-tier budget to accommodate the buying process, moving expenses, and replacement of divided assets can limit pain points in your proceedings.

Between legal timelines and the bustling U.S. housing market, it’s important to be proactive when preparing to own a new house. Getting a home loan pre approval is a vital first step in finding the right new home for you, as it solidifies your budget and helps streamline the buying process. On top of the financial benefits, this can also help you budget time as your REALTOR®  will guide you through homes specifically fitted to your tastes and preferences while still adhering to your financial boundaries.

Ensuring a smooth moving day means preparing ample packing supplies ahead of time. On top of budgeting for any immediate renovations that you may want or need in your new space, it’s important to set aside money for everything from tape to boxes, to a moving crew, and even a storage unit or other moving trucks.

Last but not least, it’s important to make your new place into a real home after divorcing. Be mindful of the space you’re moving into and which furniture and decorative assets you retained possession of or may now need. Creating a budget for these items will ensure that you (and your children) won’t have to live with an empty-canvas house for too long. This is also a great opportunity to get creative and put some TLC into your new space. Consider filling your home with secondhand goods or upcycling pre-existing items. Furniture and decor of this nature often comes in new or like-new condition for a significantly lower price, and can help you prioritize when spending.

Consider Meeting With a Divorce Mediator

 There are a lot of technicalities that a parent/ex-spouse can get caught on during a divorce. Between that and the normal stresses affiliated with the process, it’s important to try and mediate first to avoid tumultuous interactions and heavy court influence in the process. Mediation allows you and your ex-spouse to plan with everyone’s best interests in mind and investing yourself properly in the divorce mediation process can garner a much more cooperative environment for separation.

Mediation covers a wide range of topics including child custody and division of property, both of which will need to be determined before you are able to move forward in the home buying process. If you have children in your care (especially those under the age of 18), it’s vital that they are prioritized in every decision affiliated with the divorce. Mediation processes have been found to generate less stress and higher success rates while costing families significantly less time and money. These financial benefits will allow you to put more towards the best possible home for you and your children while also maintaining an amicable environment of collaboration with your ex-partner.

The professional mediators at Advanced Mediation Solutions are fully qualified and experienced to help you confidently navigate through this challenging phase. To learn more about how mediation can help you, call Advanced Mediation Solutions at 856-669-7172 or contact us online to schedule a free consultation.

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