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Roseann Vanella

Professional Mediator,Owner

Roseann is one of the few professional mediators in New Jersey who does this full-time. Mediation is her singular focus, and she works tirelessly to stay up-to-date on divorce and family law issues, so she can offer her clients innovative and cutting-edge solutions for the maximum benefit of all parties involved. Roseann also handles each mediation session personally, working closely with clients to bring their cases to successful conclusions.

Member of the New Jersey Association of Professional Mediators
Certification training in family/divorce mediation
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Meet our expert

Carmela DeNicola

Professional Mediator,Owner

Carmela DeNicola is a business, workplace and divorce mediator with over three decades of executive experience in the corporate world. Carmela handles all types of mediation for organizations. She works with partnerships, non-profits, municipalities, schools, private companies, and any other type of entity.
Carmela also handles divorce mediation, and her extensive corporate and business partnership mediation experience gives her unique insights that are especially helpful for couples who own businesses, and couples who have other complicated financial circumstances.

Business and Partnership Mediation
Certification training in  divorce mediation
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Why Work with Advanced Mediation Services?

At Advanced Mediation Services (AMS), we work collaboratively to provide comprehensive solutions customized to fit the needs of our clients. We have extensive experience with divorce, family and elder care issues. We are compassionate and straightforward with a down-to-earth approach our clients appreciate. We have also spent several decades working in the business world, and we have an in-depth understanding of the issues that commonly arise in a corporate setting.
AMS can provide assistance with the most complex matters that may arise during mediation. When needed, our mediator can enlist in-house professionals to handle specific issues that our clients need help with. We provide expert guidance with complicated issues such as business valuations, tax planning, estate planning, and many others.

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Blogs & Valuable Information

At Advanced Mediation Solutions (AMS), we work collaboratively with our clients to provide comprehensive solutions that are customized to fit their specific needs.


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Here is what our Clients and Professionals have to say about Us

Stephen Smith

Carmela did a great job of letting us know what to expect, and what the role of a mediator is. I have no doubt that her help saved us time, money, and aggravation. I’d recommend her to anyone who wants to try mediation, and recommend mediation itself as well.

Rachel Timmerman

Roseann is a very talented mediator and a warm and wonderful person. I’m very grateful for her expertise and all her help with our divorce mediation.

Michael Jenkinson

Advanced Mediation Solutions is the ideal resource for a peaceful divorce.

Roseann Vanella really gets it. She knows how to respect the individual needs of the couple while demonstrating a mastery of the legal standards.
She gave my wife and I every chance to ask all the questions we needed while keeping us focused on the end goal.
I would recommend to anyone without hesitation.


Roseann ~ Was extremely professional and easy to work with. She made a very difficult process a little less heavy and helped navigate us through all aspects of the divorce in a very efficient manner. Above all else, she was empathetic to both sides throughout the mediation. I would highly recommend Roseann as she is outstanding at the service she provides to couples going through this very difficult part of life.

Sarah Connell

“Roseann was great to work with and we would highly recommend Advanced Mediation Services. We utilized her services to assist in drafting a prenup agreement.”

Diana Schimmel

“As a family law attorney, I have worked with Roseann on many shared cases. She has a superior understanding of the complexities with which families going through divorce deal…”


“My lawyer recommended Advanced Mediation Solutions vs. the tradition lawyer services for my divorce. Roseann was fantastic. “

Natalia W

“I would recommend Roseann and Advanced Mediation Solutions to anyone who is considering divorce mediation. Roseann is not only very knowledgeable about her practice…”

Debra Stueber

“Carmela DeNicola mediated our divorce agreement in a very compassionate, respectful, professional manner. This was an extremely painful time for us…”

Jenn R.

“I highly recommend Roseann Vanella of Advanced Mediation Solutions. Roseann made tense situations less stressful with her warmth, compassion and professionalism.”

Julia Lehman

“Roseann Vanella has a true gift of creating a friendly, compassionate, comfortable, positive atmosphere through challenging and painful times in peoples’ lives. She was not only empathetic but also very professional and very knowledgable and has a gift of leading people through a painful process. Our experience with her gave us the courage to be able to start seeing the next chapter in our lives . I feel much gratitude to Roseann and I highly recommend her services.”


“Carmela provided expertise and insight in helping our corporation work through a potentially escalating conflict between upper level employees. She was very easy to work with and rapidly developed a working rapport and trust with the individuals, which helped in arriving at a positive ultimate outcome. I would definitely use her services again if needed, and highly recommend her to others in need of workplace mediation solutions.”

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