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Roseann Vanella

Meet our expert

Roseann Vanella

Professional Mediator,Owner

Roseann is one of the few professional mediators in New Jersey who does this full-time. Mediation is her singular focus, and she works tirelessly to stay up-to-date on divorce and family law issues, so she can offer her clients innovative and cutting-edge solutions for the maximum benefit of all parties involved. Roseann also handles each mediation session personally, working closely with clients to bring their cases to successful conclusions.

Member of the New Jersey Association of Professional Mediators
Certification training in family/divorce mediation
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Meet our expert

Carmela DeNicola

Professional Mediator,Owner

Carmela DeNicola is a business, workplace and divorce mediator with over three decades of executive experience in the corporate world. Carmela handles all types of mediation for organizations. She works with partnerships, non-profits, municipalities, schools, private companies, and any other type of entity.
Carmela also handles divorce mediation, and her extensive corporate and business partnership mediation experience gives her unique insights that are especially helpful for couples who own businesses, and couples who have other complicated financial circumstances.

Business and Partnership Mediation
Certification training in  divorce mediation
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Why Work with Advanced Mediation Services?

At Advanced Mediation Services (AMS), we work collaboratively to provide comprehensive solutions customized to fit the needs of our clients. We have extensive experience with divorce, family and elder care issues. We are compassionate and straightforward with a down-to-earth approach our clients appreciate. We have also spent several decades working in the business world, and we have an in-depth understanding of the issues that commonly arise in a corporate setting.
AMS can provide assistance with the most complex matters that may arise during mediation. When needed, our mediator can enlist in-house professionals to handle specific issues that our clients need help with. We provide expert guidance with complicated issues such as business valuations, tax planning, estate planning, and many others.

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At Advanced Mediation Solutions (AMS), we work collaboratively with our clients to provide comprehensive solutions that are customized to fit their specific needs.


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Here is what our Clients and Professionals have to say about Us

Lori Penrose

Roseann was recommended to me when I was blindly trying to find a divorce attorney I could trust. I felt very overwhelmed and didn’t know where to start. I couldn’t be happier, or more relieved with the services and guidance Roseann provided over our time in mediation. My ex husband and I were married for 27 years, four grown children, owned three properties, and lost a restaurant business to the pandemic. Our marital assets, as well as future income issues were extremely complex. We spent several sessions trying to sort out an arrangement that worked for us. That required many hours of tedious research and gathering of documents on Roseann’s part. She was caring, patient, and always stayed neutral so we both felt protected and heard. Thank you Roseann and Advanced Mediation Solutions for helping us navigate this very difficult journey. I have already recommended you to everyone I know!

Amanda Holt

I will be recommending Advanced Mediation Solutions and Roseann to everyone in need of help. Roseann is an extremely talented mediator who is kind, compassionate, and fair. She guided us through this very difficult process by giving us the knowledge and resources to to make smart decisions. Through her amazing contacts we were able to work with a mortgage broker who structured a new loan for my ex spouse so he was able to keep the house. She provided us with the name of a lawyer, who in conjunction, was able to file our final MOU with ease, saving us thousands of dollars in the process. Thank you Roseann, from the bottom of my heart. You took an impossible situation and got us through it with grace and compassion for one another. I didn’t think it possible but you got us there.

Kathryn Higgins

As Chief Culture Officer, we have utilized Carmela’s services for two separate scenarios involving employee conflicts within our organization. She assisted our management team in navigating through a very difficult and sensitive matter. She made herself available after normal business hours and weekends as the situation had escalated. She provided exceptional guidance and expertise. She is a strong communicator and listener and she has worked with varied levels of staff and management within our organization. A top notch professional who has a deep understanding of business acumen, process and policies which she leverages masterfully.

Michael Jenkinson

Advanced Mediation Solutions is the ideal resource for a peaceful divorce.

Roseann Vanella really gets it. She knows how to respect the individual needs of the couple while demonstrating a mastery of the legal standards.
She gave my wife and I every chance to ask all the questions we needed while keeping us focused on the end goal.
I would recommend to anyone without hesitation.

Lil Diesel Designs

“We came to Carmela with some internal differences in our business and she helped us navigate through the emotions and communications to be able to come together to create a mutually agreed upon Memorandum of Understanding.. We left there feeling happy and equal as business partners.. Her Mediation was exactly what we needed! Highly recommend her!”


“My lawyer recommended Advanced Mediation Solutions vs. the tradition lawyer services for my divorce. Roseann was fantastic. She is friendly, knowledgeable, efficient, flexible, honest, unbiased, and well organized. She provided a calming environment, but she gets results; we were able to amicably complete the process in a couple of sessions. I highly recommend Advanced Mediation Solutions! Thank you, Roseann.”

LouAnn Hoffman

Going through a divorce is never easy. I honestly wasn’t sure what to expect going through mediation vs. litigation. Working with Carmela was comforting. She was extremely knowledgeable and very responsive. Our financial situation was complex and she helped us navigate a resolution that was fair to both parties. Thank you Carmela for being a caring professional who had our best interest at heart. It was a pleasure working with your group, especially Lola!


“Carmela provided expertise and insight in helping our corporation work through a potentially escalating conflict between upper level employees. She was very easy to work with and rapidly developed a working rapport and trust with the individuals, which helped in arriving at a positive ultimate outcome. I would definitely use her services again if needed, and highly recommend her to others in need of workplace mediation solutions.”

Sarah Connell

Roseann was great to work with and we would highly recommend Advanced Mediation Services. We utilized her services to assist in drafting a prenup agreement during COVID and held all of our sessions virtually. Roseann helped us to consider all of the nuances we might not have otherwise thought of and made sure that my fiancé and I both felt heard and mutually agreed upon the details included in the document. While it is an uncomfortable topic, planning for a divorce when you’re not even married, Roseann made us feel comfortable and was even able to bring some humor into our sessions to help us relax talking about something so potentially contentious. Thank you Roseann for your help!

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